What I Want

by Sienna Morgan

Released 2016
Sienna Morgan Music LLC
Released 2016
Sienna Morgan Music LLC
Sienna Morgan's 2nd album featuring original country songs written by this 15-year-old singer-songwriter. Each track has its own unique sound, showcasing the flexibility of this artist as a songwriter and as a performer.
Sienna Morgan hit the scene in early 2015 with the release of her debut album "The Hard Way," recorded at the age of 13. Now at age 15, Sienna Morgan has become a vocal powerhouse and promising songwriter, recognized by the Nashville Songwriters Association International as “One to Watch”. Sienna Morgan may be young, but her appeal spans generations (and musical tastes) with her eclectic mix of original country music - from country ballads, upbeat young country-pop, to edgy southern rock.

Here’s what some fans have to say:

This young singer has a lot to offer, with a powerful country girl voice that is very lovable

Even if you aren’t a fan of country, she will still make you want to sing along

SO nice and refreshing and uplifting

Her songs remind you of all the reasons you loved the teenage years

Please add me to your Spotify library!

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