About Sienna

Southeastern Michigan's favorite 17-year-old singer songwriter hit the scene in 2015 with the release of her debut album "The Hard Way."   In 2016, she released her second album "What I Want" followed by a series of singles in 2018.

Her songwriting has received recognition by Nashville's Songwriters Association International, with 3 different singles putting her on the "One to Watch" list! 

Here's what fans have to say...

- "I love that this song has a quick start and throws you straight in. It has a sort of bright 70's vibe. The singer has a great sound, sort of like Avril Lavigne."

 - EXCELLENT vocalist, love love love her unique tone.

- "Love the positive feel of the song. Reminds me of summer."

- "Where it could have turned into a sappy, overused country love ballad, this song turned into a sweet and simple song about confusion in love, but going on the adventure of finding it, anyway. SO nice and refreshing and uplifting!"

 - I can so clearly hear this song in a background setting in a country romance on the Hallmark Channel in one of their famed/notorious movies!

-"This song reminds you of all the reasons you loved the teenage years.

-"I'm not going to lie the rhythm is pretty catchy."

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Recent Releases:

Dumb Boy and Revenge



Artist Spotlight on Ann Arbor's Community TV -2017

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